Bob Cooper Lighting

April 1, 1986: 

Bob Cooper began his business with some business cards and a lot of ambition…

With two lines and a car, he set off working with showrooms and supply houses to promote better ways of selling lighting. Adding employees along the way to help with the selling and administrative processes helped them become a viable entity in the manufacturers representative arena in short order.

Today, they cover North and South Carolina. Bob Cooper Lighting carries no more than twelve lines at a time in order to provide individual attention to each of the manufacturers of fine lighting whom they represent.

It is our mission to become a liaison between Quality Manufacturing and Skilled Distribution. This will allow ease of doing business, produce a relationship of profitability, and provide knowledge and preparation for sucess in an ever- changing industry.

I began this business with some business cards and a lot of ambition. But I think this is a better way to sell lighting. We've tried to create ease in doing business, and to provide knowledge and preparation to our clients.”

— Bob Cooper

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